History of the Atmos pendulum


Atmos owes its birth to the Swiss engineer Jean-Léon Reutter ( 1899-1971 ), who dedicated its whole life in search of the perpetual motion. In this purpose, he(it) studied to the federal Ecole polytechnique of Zurich, then to the college of electricity of Paris, called today Supéléc.

It is in 1928 when he presents the first prototype, called " Atmos 0 ", of his clock which pulls its energy of the variations of temperature and atmosphere.

This invention quickly had a strong echo with the international scientific community and was the object of numerous articles worldwide. Reutter met however difficulties bound to the mass marketing of his invention. He still perfected his clock and a new version was launched in 1930 that is two years after the previous version and so was the first one to be marketed.

Clocks did not meet the expected success and it is some time later that Jacques-David LeCoultre, grandson of the founder of the Factory Jaeger-LeCoultre, discovered accidentally this clock in the shop window of a Parisian watchmaker. Intrigued by this invention about which he had heard, he acquired a copy and began studying him. This is the way he put in touch with the inventor to discuss together improvements to bring and to start a collaboration in 1932 on an in-depth study of the clock Atmos between Jean-Léon Reutter and the watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

This collaboration resulted in the creation of the new calibre LeCoultre 30A. On May 22nd, 1936, the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory acquired patents to Reutter and registered the production of the clock Atmos on its statuses. From 1939, Atmos was endowed with a perfectly tight membrane. Reached maturity, Atmos quickly obtained a big success and a status of object-worship and became, in 1950, the official present of the Swiss Confederacy. The clock, which we find in the offices of Winston Churchill, J.F. Kennedy, of pope Jean-Paul II and the others, received the nickname from " clock of the presidents ".

The watchmakers of the Factory Jaeger-LeCoultre continued to perfect Atmos and take out in 1990 the first Atmos to complication with the presence of a phase of the moon. This exploit is all the more remarkable as the energy at arrangement is low. Since then, the complications followed one another and toilets diversified.



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