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Specialist by the Atmos clock, TimeKeeping offers clocks Jaeger LeCoultre atmos for sale: modern and collection and new Atmos clocks. We also carry out servicing and repair by the Atmos clocks.

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    Development in 1928 by the Swiss Jean-Léon Reutter, its operation is based on a revolutionary method of seemingly perpetual motion, that allows to convert variations in temperature and atmospheric pressure into energy setting in motion the watchmaking mechanism. A change in temperature by one degree is sufficient for an autonomy of market about two days to the pendulum. Life by the Atmos is 600 years old.

    Energy consumption and the precision of an Atmos clock:

    • A degree of ambient temperature difference provides the Atmos Energy for 48 hours of operation.
    • The Atmos uses so little energy: a fly which would arise on the minute hand could stop it.
    • 60 million Atmos would consume as much energy as a light bulb to 15 watts.
    • The Atmos can accumulate up to 1 year power reserve.
    • In a single day, it can be traced back for over a month.
    • The Millennium Atmos is designed to work 1000 years!
    • The mechanism of the Atmos is so perfect that the machinery must not be oiled.
    • The pendulum by the Atmos performs 1 oscillation per minute - 60 times less than conventional pendulum - 14 400 times less than a watch.
    • The mechanism of the phase of the Moon by the Atmos is so precise that it acknowledge that a single day of 3821 years offset!
    • Some needles are 3 rounds of 1 Millennium dial.
    • The thread of Elinvar ® metal alloy is so hard to get that stock is therefore kept in the trunk of a bank.
    • The gas by the Atmos is the chloride of ethyl C2H5CN.
    • As early as 1928, the Atmos was ahead of its time: perpetual, silent and totally ecological!




    Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos clock:
    €395 + if necessary transport (between €25 and €70 depending on the value)

    Reutter Atmos clock
    (Mercury engine):

    €465 + if necessary transport

    The revision includes:
    Complete disassembly of the pendulum. 
    Cleaning gear, turntables, barrel etc...
    Check wheels, rubies, of the suspension, with pivots, springs, etc...
    The reassembly, the Cog audit and control of the market.
    The recharge of the capsule when necessary.
    Cleaning the cage (glasses, etc...)

    Each pendulum, after revision, remains under observation for 1 month for control of the market and to fine-tune.

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